Seattle VR Hackathon being announced -- in VR180

This last weekend I went to XOXO festival and had a totally bananas incredible time. I'm nowhere near through processing it as I met so many incredible and fun people, saw some phenomenal talks, and learned just boatloads.

I do eventually hope to blog more about the festival and how amazing it was, but real quickly I wanted to post this. Here's a photo and video I shot with my VR camera that I wanted to share ahead of everything else cuz of the timely nature of the message.

This video is a VR180 video.

It is compatible w/ most VR, including cheapo $5 systems. Click here for instructions.

So yeah, the Seattle Hackathon is coming up! That’s Oppie, the Seattle Hackathon mascot, being puppeted by Eva Hoerth, who I ran into at the XOXR Meetup. Consider attending the hackathon! Or, if you’re inclined, mentoring for it!


Truthfully, the photo format, is kinda awkward to deal with. The left & right eye images are linked through a unique VR180 format, which you can only separate w/ OSX or Linux. The distortion makes things hard to deal with. And while the images are nice and big (4k / eye), it can makes the handling a bit more cumbersome…

Well, at some point I remembered a cute trick I’d seen somewhere on the internet before. Just wiggle between two cameras, and you can instantly 3d-ify a stereogram... no 3d glasses required!

So this .gif ping-pongs between the left and right camera lenses. Check out how 3d this 2d image looks!