I make large-scale centerpiece installations, live performances, and YouTube videos.  I've had the opportunity to exhibit my work in galleries and theaters in New York, Yokohama, Guadalajara, Manchester, and a handful of other cities around the world.

I'm an artist, designer, and developer, and my medium of choice is physical 3d space.  My work is computational, somatic, functional, and performative.  It is designed to resonate kinesthetically by accessing my audience's mental models of their physical surroundings, and by empowering them with a sense of physical agency.

Here's some of work:

Recent VR work

Including things like Focal Point VR (an open-Source VR IXD Framework), VR Teleportation Sketches, and how VR enables higher dimensional thinking

Spatial Computing

An interaction framework for a concept AR system – online videos


A low-cost, open source, and scalable device that displays digital objects in physical 3d space

Liquid Dance

An urban dance form where dancers manipulate virtual objects in physical space

Earlier Work