The Market Value of Monkeys and Robots

Theatrical production, Mar 2009

The goal of this project was to make a digital actor with a strong stage presence. Strong characters are built by creating strong relationships with sets, props, and other characters. Through choreographing digital actors with the live action, the digital character has agency over real world objects and can assert presence.

The project was worked on at Media Lab and a live performance was workshopped in March of 2009.

Promo for the event

Explanation of core technology

The Imhotep Project

Theatrical production, Jan 2008

The Imhotep Project uses technology to create physical echoes of a person without the person actually being there.

People leave trails of their existence everywhere they go. We cast shadows, we move objects, and we make impressions in other people’s memories. When people disappear from our lives, do we still experience the echoes of their presence?

Explanation of core technology

Excerpt from live performance

Research and Development Notes