How to watch VR180 videos on YouTube

An animation cut from one of my videos " What is VR180?  Why am I Committed to it? ".  When you watch this in VR, the spiral feels like you could almost grab it.

An animation cut from one of my videos "What is VR180?  Why am I Committed to it?".  When you watch this in VR, the spiral feels like you could almost grab it.

VR180 is a new video format.  When you watch a VR180 video, it perceptually feels like the recorded stuff (environment, characters, props, etc...) is teleported to the space around your body.

Also: It's super cheap and easy to get set up!  Here's how to watch VR180 content on YouTube:

If you don't have a VR headset...

Buy a Google Cardboard.  They're only around $10 and available all over the web.

The only catch: you need a compatible Android or iPhone.  Fortunately the minimum requirements are pretty forgiving.  Here's a compatibility list if you're not sure.

If your phone is compatible:

  1. Buy a Google Cardboard, online or electronics brick and mortar stores
  2. Download the Cardboard app (Android, iPhone)
  3. Download the YouTube app (Android, iPhone)
  4. In YouTube, browse to a VR180 video
  5. Click on the Cardboard icon on the video
  6. Put your phone into the Cardboard & look into it

If your phone is incompatible:

Unfortunately, you're sort of out of luck, as you do need a smart phone (even an old one).  Here are some potential solutions:

  • Ask your social network if anyone's got old phone they're willing to sell.  I suspect most old phone just sit around collecting dust.
  • Buy a Cardboard and invite a friend over and borrow their phone.
  • I'm keeping a keen eye on this topic, and will send updates on my newsletter when alternatives open up, whether they be cheap VR headsets or updates to the minimum requirements for Cardboard.

If you already have a VR headset...

You may be able to view YouTube VR180 with what you have.  Here are some instructions for popular headsets:

  • Rift / Vive / Windows Mixed Reality: Download YouTube VR and watch videos through there
  • PSVR: Use the Playstation Youtube app in VR mode*
  • Google Daydream: Practically the same as Cardboard instructions above
  • Others (Oculus Go, GearVR): From what I could research, these do not currently support YouTube VR180.  So bite the $10 bullet and buy a cardboard and use your smart phone.*

    * I don't have these headsets and am relying on what I can find on the net.  If you have instructions on how to watch YouTube VR180 in stereo 180 for one of these headsets, please lemme know how!

    Once you're set up, go watch cool stuff!

    I'm committed to making a bunch of VR180 videos with neat effects and stuff.  Anything I'm involved in will be added to this playlist (it's also embedded into this page below for your convenience).  Right now it's just 2 videos, but I'll be putting more in there and will make announcements in the newsletter when more stuff comes out.