About two weeks ago I sent in the Wiremap an art submission to Procams2006, an event that focuses on projector and camera art. I didn't know whether my submission was quite appropriate because it has nothing to do with cameras, but then again, the public call for artwork says that they're looking for works that (among other things):

  • uses active and non-traditional projection techniques
  • involves projection onto custom screens, surfaces and objects
  • deals with the aesthetics of projected light and digital projection

I'd been anxiously waiting to hear back from them ever since sending in my submission. I got this email today:

Dear Albert,
We are pleased to inform you that "WireMap" has been accepted for the ProCams art exhibit, Projecting Off the Wall. We loved the work and look forward to meeting you.
The exhibit date is June 18th. Our schedule is:
8-noon - setup
1pm-6pm - exhibit


Awesome. It'll be on the fourth floor of 721 Broadway, just one floor above where most of my undergrad theater took place.

I may have to temporarily abandon the production of my cube and really spruce up what I've got to make it as 1337 as possible. A portfolio with ideas of where this project is headed, ideas on how to integrate it with Jitter, possibilities with Maya plugins, with the P5 glove. I'd want to clean up the code a bit to make it more readable, too, just in case anybody asks.

So in a nutshell:

Sunday, June 18th, 1-6pm, 721 Broadway.

If you're in NYC, come!