Wiremap is Mouse-Controlled

Here's another video of the Wiremap. Not too much new here, except its X and Z axes are defined by the mouse, rather than a keyboard. The analog feel really frees it up, although it still feels constrained to 2 dimensions. I'm struggling to get the P5 glove to work with the Wiremap. My comp sci roomie said he'd be able to help me out with calling the P5 drivers from Java. If I could get that to work, then I'd be able to make the motion along x, y, and z feel really seamless.

Here's an applet of the program that runs it:


Why Sinatra? I randomized iTunes and this one was the first song that sounded appropriate.

I also managed to get a cube to float and rotate. This was a problem, however, because there was way too much information for a human eye to take in. So I think I'm going to abandon the cube until I get a Wiremap with 256 wires (perfect for a screen at 1024 x 768).

Also, a friend saw the Wiremap last night for the first time and said he didn't know how big it was. So just to give you an idea, it's about 25 inches wide, 16 inches tall, and 20 inches deep.

Another friend of mine was wondering if she could look at the submission I wrote for Procams, so I thought I'd share that on the net as well:


I updated my portfolio entry for Wiremap with interesting observations on some of the differences between surface 3d rendering and volumetric 3d rendering. Check it out.