Cube and P5

I got a P5 in the mail yesterday. Awesome.

It's cool, but it isn't as seamless as I had hoped. I feel as clumsy with my P5 as my parents must feel when they started moving that mouse around for the first time. The width and height dimensions track pretty well, which is what the glove uses to emulate a mouse.

I played one of the games that came with it and soon saw how twitchy the depth dimension is. I'm not sure why, but it will flip around to way far away to way close. At any rate, I've found a hobbyist who's developed another driver that apparently works better than the manufacturer's one. I'll try to install that tonight.

In other news, development for the cube is going well. Here's a little preview of the image with its edges.

I might be able to build it by this weekend, but then again, I might be heading over to DEMF. I can sharpen up my tuts and clean up on my digitz for only $40 for the entire weekend.