Lego and VR Games (Beat Saber, Catch the Beat) as Dance Notation

So just publicly posted a video to YouTube. Mang, it’s been slow going on those public videos. I think being so secretive at FB for those two years was really not so good for my creative process. Also, like YouTube has changed a LOT since I started posting, so I think navigating that new landscape is a bit of a beast, too. Anyhow, enough of my hangups with the internet as an old man : ) Onto the video:

Okay, so in the video I talk about a lot of things I want to link out to. First off…

Kai’s work on Annotating / Visualizing Tutting

So Kai is a dancer I’ve known for a long time. He produced these really cool visuals on Tutting if you’re interested:

kai grid1.jpg
kai grid2.jpg

Plenty more of those images on his Pinterest board on the topic of the Grid, which also has links to videos.

Lego Tutting

Using Bricklink Studio, I created a Lego version of the tut sequence. If you want, you can download and install Bricklink Studio (it’s free), and peep at the source file of my work by downloading and running this.

Using what I discovered in Bricklink Studio, I made this animation. The source PSD is here, if you’re curious. It has guidelines and stuff, too.


Where I learned the Tut Scale

I learned it from Houdoken in person, and fortunately we filmed it. You can hear the students in attendance gasp at the concept of this scale:

Also, I talk at great length about this topic in this other video:

Catch the Beat

This is the VR rhythm game I made before Beat Saber was a thing. Or at least before I heard of it. You can get Catch the Beat from Here’s me playing it:

Here’s a video of someone else playing it: