ASDFJKL; update -- video of difficult song, new visualization, and storyboards of VR experience

In my last blog post I shared a link to a really difficult song. I decided to try to make a video of me playing / performing the song:

Another Visualization…

I built a new visualization on key input. It more closely emulates the shape of a keyboard:

visualization 2.gif

I like that the mapping doesn’t have “a” and “;” right next to each other.

I don’t know why I’m attached to this circular shape. Maybe this is just an arrangement that feels like it maps closer to how my brain thinks about keys. Not sure. Maybe I should also just try a straight line across with this pattern.

Sketchy storyboards of an ASDFJKL; crossover VR experience…

I have very vague plans for converting all this json data into a VR rhythm game… meaning that you could encode some choreography on a website, and then experience that choreography in VR in the space around you.. Anyhow, I made a few sketches describing how I might imagine doing this.

The main idea from my scrawlings are that the player sees ASDFJKL; in front of them like a xylophone or wood blocks. They have to strike these objects that are thrown it at them with their wands. I think the objects that you need to strike are tossed in and respect gravity, but maybe at half or quarter gravity.

The neat part is I’ve done most of this work already. Catch the beat has the throwing mechanic. I believe I have an ASDFJKL; choreography interpreter in a sketch somewhere. I think those are the major things for now… will want to build a prototype environment for just me to try, film it, and share those results when I can.