Updates to ASDFJKL;

I made many updates to the game. You can play the game here:


This is a continuation of the work mentioned two posts ago.

I’m happy with the progress and have been getting some good feedback. Most of the work was ironing out the user flow to make it way less confusing. Then I posted to social media and got some good response.

The biggest power user as of right now is my buddy Drew Stone (@stonedrew), who made a handful of good ones. Here’s on he shared with me that has some pretty solid choreographic composition!

As I was developing all these updates, I realized that I was totally under-using something that I, by chance, had. Back in around 2008-ish I was working for a nifty web firm and, as a part of the gig, someone registered me for some system with the username “Albert”. Well, that system turned out to be Github. So because of this, I was at the right place at the right time to get github.com/albert. This also means that I get albert.github.io as well.

I’ve had stuff hosted on there for a while, but it was completely raw HTML and no styling, so I replaced that with a minimal markup and a smidge of CSS. It’s still a super bare site, but at least it doesn’t look like an error message anymore.

Not completely sure how that URL relates to albert-hwang.com. Maybe I’m looking for a fresh start? Anyhow, good problems to have, I think.