"asdf jklsemi" -- a YouTube rhythm game

I made a YouTube Rhythm game. Here’s footage of me playing it:

Here’s the experience if you’d like to try it out yourself.

  1. Go here (Seems to work best in Chrome): asdf jklsemi for Blur Song 2: Finger Choreography by Phedhex

  2. Press the “Play” button under the video (Not the play button on top of the video)

Here are a couple other songs I choreographed rhythms to:

And if you’d like to make one on your own, you can… kind of. The tool for making your own choreography is a bit ass right now, but hey, it’s better than nothing…

  1. Go find yourself a musical YouTube video (preferrably short)

  2. Copy that YouTube URL

  3. Fill out this page (with Chrome) with your YouTube URL

  4. Press “Record”

  5. As the song plays, tap out a sequence

  6. When the video is done, you’ll get a chance to try out your game

  7. If you like what you’ve made, just copy the URL so that others can try it out