A few VR180 videos...

So over the past few months I’ve made a handful of VR180 videos. Here’s the playlist so far:

My favorite video in the playlist is when I captured Icon Sleepy Tut. Happy I was able to get footage of him in stereoscopic VR180.

Also, at my urging my good friend and very talented photographer / videographer Eric made a VR180 reel of DC which turned out beautifully.

I have thoughts on a few other videos I’d like to produce. I know weird people who know how to do weird 3d things, and think just filming doing cool stuff could be nice.

Another neat aspect to having a VR180 camera is that I’ve been taking 3d shots of my family and they’re turning out quite nice. This Christmas I’ll be getting my dad a “Retroviewer”, which is essentially a “View Master” but with 3d photos I made. I haven’t seen them yet (I know, I’m late for Christmas), but I’m really hopeful that they turn out well, and if they do I may order one for myself.