Spatial Computing 3!

Spatial Computing 3 has finally arrived! [youtube][/youtube]

First and foremost -- thanks goes out to every single person who helped out.

Second, if you're unfamiliar with the project and want some context, read more about it here.

As you should be able to tell from the title of the video, SC3 is about using the Spatial Computing paradigm as a way to reinvent the home theater system.

While the video does feature a bunch of interesting ideas, the crux of the video is the ability to scale what you're watching with a simple gesture. This gives the user the ability to watch the content at any size, whether that be in front of them or in the space around their body. It also is a nice way to transition and travel about in a digital environment with the use of a few simple gestures.

I'm glad I decided to spend the majority of this video talking about this concept because it's deceivingly complicated. When I set out to do this video, I wasn't sure if the "aquarium" idea would actually look convincing. I was surprised to find that it ended up working so well.

The most exciting moments of working on the project were when I would try out a new effect and it ended up working. Heh, what a relief. The times that I specifically remember was when I was working on the glowy intersection effect (whenever a 3d model intersected with the physical wall of the room). Took a lot of trial and error but I'm pretty happy about those little effects -- they really add to the visual story that there are two competing 3d environments that need to somehow synthesize.