I'm Speaking at SXSW!

Well, I guess, more accurately, I should say that I'm going to be speaking on a panel at SXSW this year.  The topic of conversation will be "Detached Messages: Immersive and Spatial Systems".

I'll be speaking alongside Adam Pruden, a smart dude w/ a background in architecture, who's involved with the Fly Fire project, which is a design for a volumetric display made of LEDs attached to mini-helicopters:


Here's a brainstorm of some of the things I am considering talking about:

  • Lumarca
  • Spatial Computing
  • Dancing and some of the physical frameworks developed around spatial media
  • The craft behind the magic of making things levitate and why this is relevant to spatial media
  • Why the "digital" is thought of as visually 2d, and how this expectation plays out

In any case, if you wanna hear about it all, come on through and watch me blab for an hour!