Room Sized Wiremap Contest Results

First off, many many thanks to everybody who submitted. Matt & I received lots photos and are really impressed by the quality of the photos! It was pretty difficult to finally decide on a winner, but here ya go: & the winner is:

  • (Please click on the photos to view full size... these thumbnails don't really do the photos justice)

    Photo was shot by Jason Eppink. IOU $50, buddy.

    What a beauty! Crisp, bright, and nicely saturated. Matt and I also liked how it gave a good sense of size while still managing to evoke what it feels like to be standing there seeing the whole thing.

  • I'd also like to post a few of the many others that were also being considered for the prize:
  • This was shot by Tim Szetela. Tim had an entire set of very high quality photographs (and a number of videos of the animations).
  • This cool little animated gif was done by Corey Menscher. Gives a good sense of space & depth. (you have to click through to see the animation).
  • And lastly: Matt Parker (the other guy on this project) took this shot. Looks good. He wasn't actually considered for the prize money, but I figured I'd share this photo w/ you all anyhow. : )

Thanks again!