Wiremap at HOPE

So this is a nice follow-up to the last post. Before I figured out that I don't really like the installation art world, I got an email from an administrator at HOPE '08, aka "The last HOPE." HOPE is a hacker convention held annually in NYC (Hackers On Planet Earth). My brother blogged about the '04 HOPE convention over at his site.  I'm excited. This is the first time the big Wiremap will get a public viewing.  If this conference is your cup of tea, registration is 75 bucks.

I got word that they were looking for submissions through Christina Olson. She sent out word through the Dorkbot mailing list, and I thought that the large version of the Wiremap would be perfect for this venue. One full day of setup time, and three days of exhibition. I will also hopefully have the opportunity to leave my station for a few minutes to check out all the other cool happenings at HOPE, including a Segway racing track.

So yeah, if you come out swing by my tent enclosure or whatever they've got me set up in and say hi.