Dear theater: thanks but no thanks

First, let me start this blog with the obligatory, "Surprise, I'm still alive!" It's been over two months since my last blog post, and I'm doing well. Since my last post over two months ago, I've come to a number of startling revelations. First, I don't really like New York City. Second, I don't really like theater. And lastly, I don't really like installation art.

If I were the next Wooster Group, if I got a piece into the Guggenheim, if I got a good writeup in the Times for all my work, I'd be unhappy. Why? These creative goals don't really appeal to me.

I close my eyes and imagine the happiest I could be in the theater world. I'm opening a show at BAM that did phenomenally in previews. I really believe in the work, I am proud of my cast, crew, and all the collaborators on the project. I can already taste the stagelight.

And in this perfect world, I can't help but see myself as bored, exhausted, and overworked. My collar and shoes are uncomfortable as I shuffle around awkwardly and politely talk to patrons about things that bore me - the future of the theater company, where the ideas came from, how who met who.

Same thing happens when I think about installation art. The curators and the clout, the people who are dumbfounded by your work and have nothing to talk about and the people who immediately "get it" and walk away unimpressed.

Please don't misinterpret this to mean that I think curators, patrons, theater artists, or installation artists are boring people. They're fascinating and they generate a wealth of culture. They also happen to be fortunate enough to enjoy that part of the art world that I dread.

So yeah, right now theater and I are on a little break. Also, save for this upcoming event at HOPE (I'll be posting about that in a coupla hours or so just to keep posts separate), I won't be actively pursuing the installation art career.

This doesn't mean I won't be doing cool stuff still.

: )

I've got a pot full of interesting ideas, a few regarding liquid dancing, and a few regarding augmented reality. So do continue to check in.