Mirage Testing

Mirage behind projectorA while back, I made a prototype idea for something called the mirage. The mirage is a Wiremap, where the wires are replaced with streams of water. When I came up with it, I imagined it would be ten feet tall - the size of a small room, so that people could dance in it.

I decided instead to start small and work my way up. I've spent the last couple of weeks playing around with plastics - plexiglass, specifically. Fortunately, over in Chinatown, there's this awesome little shop known as the Canal Plastics Center. They sell everything you'd ever need. They also custom build your designs, as well as provide a high precision laser cutting service.

At first, I was excited to just by the raw material and do all the work myself. But after all the testing, it turns out that I have neither the tools nor the knowledge to actually accomplish what I want to accomplish. I tried to drill holes with a drill gun, but they're never perfectly perpendicular - I tried to joint two pieces together, but the jig saw cuts I made can't really compare to their table saw cuts.

I sent off an email earlier today for a quote for a test hunk of plastic. I wanna see how well these cuts can perform.