Today my mind was wandering and I came up with the phrase:

1337er than a 2 liter.

I'm kinda happy about that phrase. It's my facebook status (Albert is 1337er than...).

Anyhow, while looking around the net to see whether or not anybody else came up with that phrase before me, I came across an urban dictionary definition of 1337ies:

The breakfast of h4x0rz

Shadow01 ate his 1337ies this morning, look at him pwn noobs!

When I saw this I died, and couldn't help but photoshop a box of 1337ies. I found this nice little tutorial on the Wheaties logo font.

1337ies_star_wars_kid This particular image of SWK comes from "The Star Wars Kid Strikes Back (And Settles Out Of Court)".

I've also realized that this is a cool little template that I'm good to share w/ everyone. The photoshop file is pretty straightforward, so download it if you've got a geek in mind who you think deserves the to be on the cover of 1337ies.