Wiremap 256

So while I was building this, I knew that there was not much of a margin of error, and quite a few opportunities for error to add up. Each wire uses 4 pixels, and each pixel is only about a millimeter wide. Accounting for the lame straight edge (a taught string), inacurate drilling, and blurring of the projection image, I was prepared to cut every other wire if blurring was too much. Accordingly, while I wanted to call it "Wiremap 256," I decided to lay off until I was certain that there would actually be two hundred and fifty six wires in the final project. Well, I finished putting it all together and callibrating it this week, and am proud to call it Wiremap 256. Have a look:


Like always, the video isn't really a good representation of the experience of standing in front of a volumetric renderer, but hey, you sorta get the idea.

I mention some Java applets in my video, here they are:

Feel free to take a look at the source code and play around with it (a link to the code is available at the bottom of each page). All of the programming was done in the Processing environment. If you have any questions regarding the code, feel free to email me.