Wiremap 1.02

Since I quit my day job, I've been focusing most of my efforts on building the second version of the Wiremap. Here's a video explaining the process of a big Wiremap.[youtube]eHM2d0MKzdo[/youtube]

This was filmed about a week ago. Since then I've drilled all 256 holes and sanded it down. In order to elevate the large piece of plywood, I constructed four booms. Take a look:

The boom is a vertical iron bar stuck inside a ready-mix concrete base. The container is a modified bed riser (here are some images as an example of what I mean by that), with the tops cut out with a jigsaw. And here's just one of em:

So after I mixed the cement and poured it into the bed risers, I propped up the metals bars using a level, making sure the bars were sticking straight up.

And here's a close-up of the base:

The cement is still drying, so I'm going to wait another day before I set up the planks. Sometime in the next couple of days, though, I should be able to drop the strings and get a first draft up and running.