Lately I've made two pretty amazing contacts lately, both with some really exciting developments. First, I met Mark Bolas at ProCams 2006, who was interested in helping me find funding and other collaborators to build bigger and better things. I'm currently working on a proposal for a 3 meter tall water fountain that would render volumetrics. With this, you could walk around in a water fountain w/ a ball of light floating around you. I'll publish more details the more I hash it out.

On the back end of the project, I've met Daniel Selman, the man who wrote the book on Java3D, literally. He emailed me after I posted on a Java3D forum seeking collaborators. He's been applying voxels (volumetric pixels) to the Wiremap concept, and he sketched up a little something:


I am still in the process of moving into my new house, so I've been really busy lately. Luckily, however, when our new place is completed, me and my two roomies will share a studio space, where I will build a 3'x3'x4' Wiremap, and where one of my roommates will build large cardboard alligators for Art in Odd Places.