So I'm designing Wiremap v1.02 (v1.0 didn't work, v1.01 was showcased at Procams 06). The prototype is for a space that is 4' x 3' x 3' with 256 white rubber tubing. The tubing comes in at about 25cents / foot - I bet I'll be able to get a bulk discount, but at 3' / tube, it comes to about $200. I'm planning on cutting on the required tubing by sloping down the ceiling of the Wiremap. Too bad coat hangers aren't 3' wide, eh?

So in the design phase, I'm using Ruby. Using Ruby as a beginner programmer feels a little daunting. The rigidity of Java forces me to recognize the language's parts of speech every time I encounter them. Ruby is sometimes too transparent.

Also, got an email from Mark Bolas. Sounds like there is a possibility of making this Wiremap into an already existing water fountain, or even comissioning for a new water fountain. When I get more time, I'd like to show up to the Lincoln Center fountain and shoot some Itunes Visualizer into it to see what happens.

*** In other news, I did some dancing and made it into a 3d image w/ blue/red 3d glasses. I'll upload that as soon as I've finished moving into my new place.