Wiremap Works!

And here's the program that runs the thing. (And if you missed it, here's the video explaining the project.)

So it's finally a relief to see exactly what I was envisioning when I came up with this project. It feels very 3d (even more so in person where you have more depth perception than from a single camera), and is very alive. It really feels like cyberspace is finally coming out of its box to really play.

The guy who owns the projector is a theatrical multimedia designer just starting to get into Jitter. We're thinking that if I can open up some input sockets in this program, he might be able to control the thing from a music visualizer. L337.

In the next couple of weeks, I want to really clean up the code. I also would like to build a few more programs - a bouncing ball, a rotating cube, and other things with elementary and natural motion, like collisions and gliding and hovering.

I also would like to talk with people who are all into the Maya and AutoCAD thing, because there has to be a way to configure a plugin, right?

On top of this, I'm still waiting on my P5 glove. If all goes well, with the glove, I'll be able to digitize a human hand into pure, digital light. Then interactions with digital 3d.