Wiremap update

So thanks to Dave Tennent, I had an amazing time playing with his projector and figuring out how to work the with the wiremap. It turned out to be way harder to calibrate it than I thought it would be. My initial settings required me to find the projector's focal point (location and orientation) within a half a centimeter and a half of a degree in order for anything to come out right. The biggest problem was the blur. A projector isn't made to focus on a surface that is only 7" away from the lens. It blurred so bad that the signal from one sliver of light would bleed onto another, and, especially with the wires that were closer to the projector, the signal would be all blurry and a composite of three (itself and the one on either side of it).

So after a break, I figured that it would work if I removed every other sliver signal and, correspondingly, every other wire. It worked.

The footage above still sorta blows my mind - the fundamentals of 3d has been achieved.

So I came home and designed a new Wiremap customized to the specifications of Dave's projector - height, depth, and degree are all taken into account. It'll be about twice the size.

During my testing I noticed a conceptual problem - a floating globe of digital light just registers into my brain as a floating circle (from multiple angles). I don't really know how to fix it - maybe I could color the globe according to how close it is to the center of the circle, or outline it. I also hope that if the wiremap is bigger, I'll be able to feel that the globe actually exists in my 3d dimension, instead of a cyberspacial, and by default a 2d one.