30 days to make 30 dance clips

Back in July I was feeling anxious to be practicing my creativity again.  I decided to re-up on my dancing game.  See, lately, my dancing has been feeling sorta paralyzed because I started paying too much attn to the production quality on my YouTube acct.  I often find that obsessing over the mediation of dance to be counter-productive to the craft I set out to do in the first place.

So I decided, screw it -- I just need to get sparked again.  So the plan was: dance to a track for 30 days straight in front of a camera.  In the beginning, I don't write anything down, but starting at day 5 I began writing notes in the description of the YouTube videos.

Learned a lot about many things: how to film, what features of dance I enjoy, what types of music resonate with me these days.  I can see big differences in skill between day 1 and day 30.

Most importantly, I definitely feel like I have a renewed confidence in my craft.  Fortunately, shortly after I finished recording these, I was able to put these skills to good use.  Folly Turtle, a sponsored dancer from LEDGloves.com visited Seattle and invited me out to meet some ridonkulous good glovers.  Don't know if I would have gone out if not for the practice.

Also, more recently, I was at a street fair and saw an open call for all-styles dancing -- to which I said, "Meh, fuck it, why not?"  Like, my old ass was for SURE outclassed by these dancers, but it was a blast to share and overcome a lot of my public performance anxiety and lay out 30 seconds of liquid in front of dozens of amazing dancers and maybe a few hundred in the crowd.

So yeah, here's a playlist of my dancing.  Remember to check out the notes in the descriptions of the videos on the YouTube page.  And below that is a snapshot of me getting down in front of a crowd taken by my sister-in-law.  A video of this exists somewhere (I think), so I'll update this post with that if I can locate it.  Still had some public performance jitters, but regardless, had a blast up there.