Tilt Brush for Dance Education

A while back I toyed with the idea of VR dance education, and even made a Tilt Brush sketch.  At the time, though, I couldn't figure out how to make the content more compelling than just a YouTube tutorial, so I abandoned it.

Then just recently I did a video on how great VR is for visualizing 3d data as well as meta-3d data (like 4d data).  I shared the work on /r/Vive, and then, earlier today, in a recent Reddit exchange, /u/Sir-Viver suggested that I try dancing in Tilt Brush to visualize the work.  He connected the dots for me to give it another try now armed with more insight on what meta-space means.  Thanks!

Came up with a Tilt Brush creation that I'm quite proud of.  It visualizes two fundamental liquid dance moves, the Figure 8 and the Rail.  When I got to building the rail visualization, I found that it both served as a visualization and a tutorial, so I put in some explanation text on how you can step through to learn the structure of a rail.

There's definitely a lot more to explore here, but if anybody has any other ideas on how to use VR for dance education, post a comment or reach out or something!