Preview of "Focal Point" -- a design framework for Vive

Here's some of the results of my work so far...


Obviously, a lot of my process here is based on stuff that I build back w/ Spatial Computing. So far, the process has been all about boiling down what was present in Spatial Computing and distilling it into it's fundamentals.  Fortunately, the fundamentals are really simple underneath it all.  My task now is to rearrange those fundamentals so that it's easy for new VR developers to grock ASAP.

The good news is, I have lots and lots of experience with education around sophisticated mental models of movement in 3d space, so I'm not too worried about not being able to boil, distill, and redistribute in a meaningful manner.

Anyhow, jump on the mailing list if you want me to let you know when the Unity asset is live.

Sorta tangentially, just wanted to add a note to some of the cool folks I've had a chance to work with at MRL: