Arconf Brainstorming

So Spatial Computing made a bit of a splash in the AR community, and I've been getting some really great feedback from a lot of people.  In fact, I even got invited to talk about the work at arconf!

It's a 10 minute talk - so I'm trying to really pare down what I need to talk about.  I've brain stormed a lot of stuff that can't possibly fit into 10 minutes -- here are a few things I want to cover:

  • A clear definition of Spatial Computing, and how it is related to AR
  • Some way to demonstrate how this interface paradigm operates
  • The culture of the screen -- and how it interfaces with the human body
  • The culture of 3d (dance, theater, etc...) and what tools we can borrow
  • How to use 3d composition and narrative design to evoke visceral emotions in a human body
  • Why AR companies should be hiring dancers
  • How to approach 3d as a creative medium, and why approaching 3d from 2d is simply wrong
  • Where VR is today and how it got there

I think my next step (after a site redesign... bout half way done...) is building / collecting visual material and physical gestures to help demonstrate what I'm talkin about.