Around the beginning of this year I got contacted by Matt Parker, a student at ITP, who wanted to do his thesis on the Wiremap.  I was absolutely thrilled to help him out and to get the project a load of more exposure. His work was exhibited @ the ITP Spring show.  He made a few changes to my original designs - most of the mods he made were beautifully executed.  Both the top & bottom plates were made of plexiglass, with magnets holding the strings in place.  All in all, the presentation was beautiful.

Unfortunately, and Matt would agree with me on this, the construction wasn't as strong as he would have hoped.  He was looking to make the entire thing out of plexi, but it couldn't hold it's own weight.

In any case, well versed in object oriented Javascript, he's made a public codebase.  It's very strong, and much easier to learn and deal with than my amateur code.  He's also very open to talk people through developing work for the Wiremap.

Access to the code base, .  All of that, in addition to lots of really sweet documentation of his work, can be found @ the website for his build: