NEXT no 6

Thanks to all those who came to say hi!  It was a lot of fun sharing our project, meeting new people, and ruminating on the the possible ways we can cram more strings inside this project. My partner in crime, Elliot, aka gvilt, wowed me once again with his technical prowess.  He uses vvvv, a toolkit that from what I understand can patch directly into DirectX.  With it, it took no time for Elliot to whip up some really incredible visuals, including this one:


Exhibiting alongside Elliot was quite a relief, also.  Not only were we able to exhibit a number of incredible programs, but we were also riffing off of one another and learning a lot about the project just by explaining it over and over around eachother.  Also, it was nice to use Elliot's materials to help explain what was possible with the Wiremap:


Also, I must say, the quality of the work at NEXT was, overall, pretty damn good.  During our setup, I overheard some American English, and it turned out to be Nick and Ron Sears, inventors and developers behind the ORB, whom I had met before at The Last HOPE, as well as a few times in passing at ITP (Nick attended ITP, I exhibited in their facility once and visited a number of their shows).

I also met up with an inspiring group of students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design.  The program is in its first year, and although they've only been working on their projects for a couple of months, they've produced some pretty strong work.

And lastly, a big thanks to the Innovation Lab, who were easily the most organized group I've ever dealt with.  I've had some pretty hairy experiences with some other events (minitek...), but the staff at Innovation Lab were so helpful and put together that it made the experience a breeze.