Media Lab!

Last month at Media Lounge, I exhibited the Wiremap. The event was a really great night, with a cool crowd, great artwork, an awesome dj, and a bunch of very talented vjs.

At any rate, they liked my work so much that they invited me to work in their space!

This Friday, I'll be exhibiting a workshop of a performance piece called "The Market Value of Monkeys and Robots." The shtick of this piece is that a theatrical flat moves around with a projected image on it.

Here's a video we cut in the space:


And, if you're interested in the back story, here's the idea that spawned this project:


We've come up with a number of cool vignettes. Also, this workshop is a part of a bigger performance at the Spring Fever Festival.

Here are the details:

wine is only one dollar!

Doors open at 7
Show starts at 8
Afterwards, we'll make you digital!


J-Z Trains - Flushing Ave - Walk 3 blocks east on Broadway, btwn. Ellery St. & Park Ave.

G Train - Flushing Ave - Walk 3 blocks east on Flushing, take a right on Broadway.

L Train - Montrose Ave - (This walk is like 15 minutes) Walk south on Humboldt, which turns into Sumner, take a left on Broadway.