Wiremap 783

Thought the Wiremap 256 was cool? Try a Wiremap 783! Earlier today I got an email from Elliot Woods, the undergrad at Manchester University who had a couple months back expressed interest in building a mammoth Wiremap. He runs an annual not-for-profit music festival called Pangaea, where they built and shared their work:

Yeah... It's kinda big.

They got the system up and were rendering 3d before the event - but as soon as the subwoofers came on, the projectors jiggled out of alignment, obscuring the 3d image.  Instead, they just threw Milkdrop onto it (musta looked kinda like iTunes on my Wiremap 256... but much bigger, or course).

Seeing photos of a Wiremap this big really inspires me to build more work for it.  Live motion capture could be projected into the Wiremap - so that you could watch a digital image of your body in 3d space.  Or maybe you could play tennis.  Or maybe even 3d machinima?