Traffic bump

Hi all - So it looks like quite a bit of traffic is being directed to my blog from my Wiremap 256 vid. So, to accomodate all those visitors who are interested in just the Wiremap content, I decided to write this post.

First off, I have a Wiki entry on the Wiremap, where you can practically find anything and everything about the Wiremap. Also, you can browse only the Wiremap content on this blog.

Here are some general notes I have to all the types of messages I'm getting: ** If you want to be involved in the software development of the Wiremap:

So, I went to school to study theater, not CS.  While I would hope that the code is elegant, I can't speak for it's efficiency.  Although it would be cool to bump up the framerate on this thing, I'm really interested in seeing how much it can redefine digital 3d.  In any case, if you want to mess with the code, whether it be framerate optimization or a clever new idea, the existing code is available at the Wiki.  If you email it my way, I'll be sure to post a YouTube vid. ** If you want to build your own Wiremap:

I've always sort of wanted to get a DIY kit out there, but never got around to it. Well, I'll start developing a DIY kit over the next couple of months. Probably through the Wiki, so that other people can share and contribute to the project.

** If you want the Wiremap 256:

Okay, I haven't been getting any emails like this... yet... but I am interested in getting this project up in a public space in or very close to NYC. So, if you or anybody you know has a public space that could use this, send me a note.

Also, I have an interesting request. I'm looking for people or people who know people who have worked with water fountains. If you thought the Wiremap was cool, check out the design for the mirage. Of course, if I want to take this seriously, I'll need to do quite a bit of R&D.

Questions? Hit me up at: hwang (dot) al (at) gmail (dot) com

Rock on. Once again thanks for all the traffic, and come back soon!