Wiremap Music Visualizer

While getting myself uber-involved with the coding and configuration of the Wiremap, sometimes I forget to just relax and have a good time w/ it: [youtube]-T4wnHfHiqw[/youtube]

Although I've never played around with it, the wiremap visualizer reminds me of The Abstractor, by Ji Lee, the guy behind the Bubble Project. It takes 2d information and transforms it into 1d info, which is somehow visually more yummy. It's an abstraction of an easily recognizable 2d image. So, if you throw that abstraction, that 1 dimension, across a 2d array, just like the wiremap, you get a 3d abstraction of music.


The really cool thing about all of this is that it's way easier to build than a 3d volumetric renderer. This concept doesn't need any accurate hole-drilling, straight edges, or calculators. All it needs is a projector and a bunch of white thread.