Where's PhedHex?

You know how they make greeting cards so that you don't have to come up with the words yourself? Someone should do that for bloggers who don't let the world know what they're up to. So, I'm quitting my day job to persue this Wiremap thing full-time. I'm also really busy writing an application for Eyebeam's residency program. It's due on Monday.

I promise: in a couple of weeks I'll update you on everything, including the acquisition of www.phedhex.com, dance work with a friend from college, the media packet from Cao Fei (my very own hip hop sticker), dancing in the light of a projector, an anaglyph dance video, and perhaps the most exciting development of all, mirage, a water version of wiremap.

Tune in sometime in the next couple of weeks, because I'm damn excited to get back in the groove.