Wok this way?

When I was walking home today, I passed a news stand and saw this on the front page of the New York Post:

I'm more baffled than anything. It's not that this is offensive, as much as it's just plain stupid. The nameless "China Chief" in question is Chinese President Hu, and although he looks exactly like that dude who makes your beef broccoli, he isn't.

I remember when Shaq made Chinese jokes at Yao Ming. He was quoted saying, "Tell Yao Ming, 'ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh.'" I remember hearing this and wondering what would have happened if Yao were quoted saying, "Tell Shaq that I ain't gon' stand fer his po-dank shit." The fallout would have been outrageous, and rightfully so. Everybody would have been on Yao's ass for being way outa line.

This isn't an issue of how black folk and asian folk get along, it's an issue of how the media responds to being racist. The presidents of two economic superpowers meet and because one of them happens to be Chinese, all you have to report is "Wok This Way"?

So I took the liberty to photoshop my own front page. Just try and imagine - you're walking home late one night, and you pass a news stand, and on the front page of the New York Post, you see:

To be fair, the pun "watermelon you talkin bout?" (what're you talking about) isn't as clean as "Wok this way," but, on the plus side, it does it's job at being just as irrelevant and racist. But I think this is offset by the fact that I named Sharpton by name (mainly because "Sharpton" happened to be shorter than "Afro-American Chief").