Rhizome, P5

So... I'm interning at where Fran used to be the director of technology - a not-for-profit new media arts organization called rhizome.org. Doing really basic HTML and CSS stuff. And I figure, where else to pick up good coding habits than a geeky artsy computery place like this?

Also, my interest is growing in the P5 glove. Google search to find more about it, but it's a controller that fits on your hand - I think it holds the same pattents as the Powerglove for the NES, but it's for the computer. At any rate, I figure w/ my movement experience (and, moreover, my hand movement experience w/ digitz), I can fenagel somethin pretty cool out of it. Just ordered one yesterday, can't wait for it. They used to retail at a hundred bucks a unit, but they flopped in the market, and are down to twenty + shipping.

I created a portfolio for most of my movement/media work for a scholarship application a class in Colorado called "Responding to Gesture and Bodies: Design for Physically Based Interactive Art." I have no idea what my chances are - whether they're looking for folk more experienced w/ actually getting a curator and whatnot, or if they're looking for a younger folk.

Oh yeah, I joined the Yahoo! Group for the P5 Glove. Check out the geek in that.