My very first art opening

Okay, so it's not "my" art opening, as much as it's an art opening that features something that I was sort of a part of.

So a while back, I did this dancing gig, you can read about it here. Anyhow, the opening is at Lombard-Freid.

That's me in the photo, sportin the Rocawear shirt that I had to buy from Macy's, cuz that's how l33t thugs roll.

Also, in other news, a week ago I went to the House of Dance Conference, which happens on the first Thursday of every month, where I got to see some really ill poppin and lockin, tuts. I'm workin on my own tuts, and am in the process of building an animation thing (much like my little fingers experiment) with tuts. Don't know what tutting is? Check out YouTube.