So I have this fascination with the space between reality and cyberreality, and one thing that blurs that line is 3d imaging. So there are these awesome goggles at emagin.com, which run 3d by showing you two different displays, one for each eye (called stereovision). It'll run you about $900...

Or, you could spend a buck on two stamps and two envelopes and send a SASE to www.rainbowsymphony.com, which is how I got my glasses in the mail today.

Here's a 3d pic of me in my 3d glasses...

also, a 3d pic of my glasses.... oooo how meta...

and a little flash project, too.

Also to check out, some dude went through Quake II source code and modded a 3d version.

What's next? I challenge somebody to 3d-ify Second Life.


In other news, my brother landed me an interview with an IT staffing... um agency? resource? Anyhow, that's up for tuesday.

Also, I sent a resume over to gamelab.com to see if I was cool enough to work for them for free (or on a near-free "internship" basis). I think they're uber-cool, and I hope that the drooliness all over the cover letter doesn't hurt my chances. I mean, free, people! How hard is it to work somewhere for free?