My approach incorporates both digital 3D practices as well as classic 3D traditions (dance, theater, installation art, etc...)

To do this work I mix

Modern 3d tech practices

  • Unity
  • OpenGL
  • IXD
  • Creative Code (Processing, OF)
  • Blender
  • Video Production

Classic 3d traditions

  • Installation Art
  • Dance
  • Theatrical design
  • Classic 3d design theory
  • Gesture theory



Spatial Computing


, I designed Spatial Computing, a prototype AR interaction design, and have shared the work online and through panels and conferences.


I'm the inventor and core member of Lumarca, an open-source, highly-scalable, low-cost volumetric display.  In 2012, the Lumarca team build the world's largest volumetric display with a field of 30' x 30' x 20'.

Liquid Dance

For nearly 20 years I have been training in Liquid Dance, an urban dance form that combines 3d concepts with human movement.  I am actively involved in its growth and preservation.